Dynamic Pin and Stretch 


Dynamic pin and stretch is a movement based muscle lengthening technique that is highly effective at treating problems with muscle, tendon, ligament and fascia. Tissues that are abnormal with regard to texture, tightness, movement, and function are treated with stretching and sliding force, which are intended to increase movement of the tissues by removing or breaking up adhesions.

The technique requires patient participation for its effectiveness. Specific areas are identified in muscles and tendons where overuse has caused repetitive injury, and scar tissue has built up. This scarring can entrap nearby nerves, shorten the potential length of muscles and overtax and inflame tendons. By applying focused pressure while the patient performs specific motions to lengthen the tissue in these targeted areas, scars can be broken up and the underlying tissues release. This increases blood flow, reduces nerve pain, improves range of motion, and increases strength.
The number of treatments required to give lasting relief depends in part on the length of time the injury has been present, past injuries, your age, activity level, and compliance. Dynamic pin and stretch treatments are mildly uncomfortable and first time patients often experience post treatment soreness, similar to the feeling one gets after an intense workout.

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