Swedish Massage 
Swedish massage is the “basic” massage and most common massage modality in North America.  It’s focused on stress reduction, increasing circulation, improving joint mobility, relaxing muscle tension, and much more!
Swedish massage, also known as, western massage technique, is actually not typically used in Sweden. Helping to create the foundation of Swedish techniques was a Sweden, Pehr Henrik Ling, creator of the Swedish Movement Cure. Developer of “Western Massage” was also a physician in Amsterdam; Johann Georg Mezger that believed passive movements had great healing powers. Mezger coined the four French terms effleurage, friction, tapotment, and petrissage. Later adopting a fifth term, vibration. Swedish massage gained popularity in the later 1800’s.
During a Swedish massage there will be lotion/oils to facilitate different techniques. These techniques include a gliding, stripping, shingles and bilateral tree motions called effleurage, types of petrissage (kneading, rolling, and compression), friction, tapotment, vibration, and stretching methods. For a basic Swedish massage there will not be deep pressure, but lighter relaxing strokes. Deeper work would be considered deep tissue therapy.  
Please understand the techniques used in a Swedish massage and decide if it is the best option for you. Direct yourself to the “contraindications” page to ensure you have no doubts the treatment will be beneficial. Please voice any questions or comments through email Massage@twistedchiropractic.com or call the office at (360) 698-0836!

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